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Back to pounding the pavement!

March 9, 2010

So after trying to eat as much of the crap as i could that was in the house i finally went food shopping last night and filled the fridge and cupboards with healthier choices. I could not wait for breakfast this morning, i opted for granola with about a cup of skimmed milk, choc chips and some organic fat free vanilla yogurt, it was a tasty start to the day.

I washed down my breakfast with a small pink grapefruit juice, it really made my taste buds buzz! Yikes!

Unfortunately, i thought i had photographed my lunch but either forgot or deleted it! Oh dear, i’m not old enough to have memory lapses am i?? I had a caramelised onion and poppy seed bagel – yum! Left over cous cous from last nights dinner, which actually tasted a lot better today and a blue nutrigrain bar. I also had a handful of mixed nuts to help me through my run that i had planned after work.

The boss let me go an hour early as i have a long day tomorrow, which allowed me to run a few errands before my run. I decided to go out for a 5K, it is still very cold in the UK but the sun has been shining which i refuse to complain about 🙂

It gave me the excuse to wear 2 of my pink running tops! layers, layers, layers….

After my run i was the same colour as my top!!

I’m finding that i do not seem to have the same energy as i did when i was training for the half marathon last year, also my leg muscles keep going really tight… could this have anything to do with being a vegetarian this year? Maybe i am lacking in something?

After my very slow run i refueled with a rice cake, spread with peanut butter and choc chips – D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

To keep me warm i had a cup of my favourite Green Tea (orange and lotus flower) in my favourite mug – bliss!

Now i have got to decide what to have for dinner, any suggestions?

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  1. March 11, 2010 7:38 am

    thats my fav tea too 🙂 so refreshing! xx

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