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Eating ice cream during the Grizzly Run!

March 9, 2010

Well i had a lovely weekend, Saturday was a housework catch up day which was a bit blah! But then on Sunday me, the husband, the in-laws and hubby’s uncle and cousins made our way to Seaton to watch the start of the Grizzly Run, it’s a 20 mile hardcore run over the devon coast! Hubby’s aunt was taking part (she is my new idol!) She is in the pink t-shirt (no 160). As you can see in the photo the weather was beautiful but still very chilly. They do a shorter Grizzly (7 miler), which i may be keen to partake in next year hmmm?

Whilst Tracey was running the Grizzly, the rest of the family went to Lyme Regis for a walk along the beach, we felt a little guilty that we were eating the most yummy icecream!

After such a lovely weekend i always find Monday mornings a little difficult…however i woke up to this….

Yes Foxy makes her way into our bed every night, gets under the covers and rests her little head on my pillow! The husband finds it hilarious! She even had her little legs crossed like a proper little diva – i love her!

Yesterday’s lunch was a bit of a free for all because as usual i was running late, i opted for a cream cheese and sweet chilli sandwich, which turned out to be rather nice!

Breakfast was not the best but i needed something so i had some weetabix mini’s with chocolate chips, i am not going to lie but i did enjoy them, which can mean only 2 things; 1 – they are full of sugar and 2 – they can not be good for me 🙂

So my pack lunch consisted of a sandwich, Shape yogurt and a clementine. I felt really hungry and in the day and resisted buying some cheese and onion squares from the vending machine, however i could not resist the jam donut that were handed out for my bosses birthday – i ate it so quick i forgot to take a photo! Funny that! 

After the donut slip up my friend was feeling the quilt also and said that she was going to make stuffed pepper for her dinner to redeem herself…that was it for me, i started to crave the same and knew that i was going to have the same for my dinner. A quick trip to Tesco after work, a bit of slicing and chopping and you have a gorgeous stuffed pepper! I stuffed my red pepper with mediteranean cous cous, onion, mushroom and feta (placed on top). This dinner hit all the right spots and was just what i needed.

I also put a little cream cheese on the side which needed using up, but it worked so well with the sweet red pepper.

I do realise from doing this blog that my food could be a lot better but that is the whole point of this for me, sometimes you think you are eating ok but when it is all down on paper infront of you it definately gives you a bigger picture!

More water, fruit & veggies me thinks!!!!

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