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Things i am a lovin’….

March 10, 2010

Bloglovin – this site is amazing , it makes it so much easier to manage and follow my favourite blogs and hopefully in the future i will have a few followers myself ;o)

Brit Chick Runs – A lone English girls’ passion for healthy eating, exercising, and living! – i am really enjoying this blog from a fellow UK blogger. The food Freya creates makes my mouth water everytime i read her blog, she is also a badass runner and student! I bet she has a wonder woman costume on under her clothes!

…Training for my half marathon – this has took me a while to get into this year but i am getting the feel good factor back, where i actually keep looking at my watch at work, counting down the hours until i can go for a run!

…My baby girl Foxy, for no other reason than after a hard day at work, she always has a massive cuddle waiting for me when i get home!

Moving on, today i had a really early start and was awake at 6:15am to get ready for work (how come this is easy when it is for work but i can not drag my ass out of bed to do an early morning run???), i had a meeting in Farnborough which is about a 3.5 hour trip there from my home town of Honiton. I didn’t realise that my watch was running slow until i checked my phone on the way to the train station and it was 1 minute until the train departed – i had to run in my brand new Office boots, so i guess i did have a bit of a workout! I ran up to the platform just as the doors was closing but fortunately the guard saw me and let me on – thank goodness as i would have been late for my meeting!

I read my notes for the meeting and enjoyed a latte and a Nature Valley Bar for breakfast. This hit the spot and i knew that it would stop my belly grumbling until lunch (why does that happen just as everyone goes quiet in a meeting, you can hear someones tummy growl?)

Lunch was a buffet of sandwiches, i slap my hand because i forgot to take a photo of my plate, but i was networking with other Cabin Crew Safety Managers from UK airlines so i do have an excuse! I had 1/4 hummus and carrot on sundried tomato bread, 1/4 tuna and cucumber, 1/4 smoked salmon and cream cheese and 1/4 cheese and spring onion all on wholemeal bread – what was nice was they were not full of mayonaise – this buffet was good!

I had a lovely train ride back to Devon this afternoon and enjoyed watching the sunset over the British countryside. It has been a long day and with 7 hours train travel and 4.5 hour meeting – i’m pooped! Think it’s going to be a quick dinner tonight so i will report back later….

Happy Hump Day all!

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