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So much falafel….

March 17, 2010


Now i’m starting to get worried as this is the 3rd morning in a row that the husband has brought me breakfast in bed!! Only kidding, i’m loving being served on as soon as my eyes open. Todays delight was museli and cherry muller light (this worked so well) and a glass of grapefruit juice – i really love my husband!

Even though this our week off work we have both been working really hard in the house, the husband has single handedly decorated the hall (i’ll post before and after photos when it is finished) and i have been cleaning the house from top to bottom and sorting out all out paperwork which seems to be all over the house! I watched Julie and Julia whilst tidying in the morning and ended up with a massive craving for poached egg – so i created this little gem;

Poached egg, organic red leicester cheese and BBQ sauce, served on a brown bap – it was just what i was hoping for a savoured every mouth full. I also finished off my blueberry smoothie from yesterday and added a few drops of natural vanilla flavouring, this complemented the cinnamon that was already added.

I have to then confess to having another poached egg on a brown bap (minus the cheese and BBQ sauce), i ate more than i usually do but i just wanted it!

After a little more work in the house the husband asked whether i would like to go for a coffee in our local coffee house the Boston Tea Party – as if i was going to say no! Their signature lattes are something else, so that is obviously what i went for (i love where we live, it’s a stone throw from retsaurants and cafes).

I also could not pass on this gorgeous cupcake for 2 reasons, 1 – it’s PINK! and 2 – it has sparkles on it – yes you heard me pink sparkles!

The cup cake was delicious but the icing was really rich and although so pretty i had to leave a little on my plate otherwise i was under the risk of seeing my cup cake again!

The husband and I then went for a wonder around some of the local antique shops for ideas for our hallway, Honiton the town i live in prides itself on its antique shops and they are all like museums – it’s great!

This evening for dinner we ventured to our favourite eatery Cafe 102 (we do not normally eat out so much but we are on holiday), i was a little confused as the main decor was daffodils – it’s St Patricks Day not St Davids Day – right? They were very vibrant though so they are excused.

Tonight is steak with all the trimmings and dessert included for 2 people at £15.75 – this is a great offer as everything is made from scratch, but not such a great deal if you are a vegetarian like me…however the staff their did not let me down and said that they could substitute my steak for something else…fantastic…so i asked for Falafel and asked for no chips as i was going to get a dessert with my meal. Now i like falafel… and i think they knew this as the chef put so much on my plate;

Yes that is 12 pieces of falafel!

Included was a salsa dip which had a bit of a kick, just how i like it.

There was also a cooling cucumber dip which complemented the salsa and a cheese and aubergine dip which was so so good. I started tucking in to my meal and thought to myself that there was a chance i would be in the restaurant all night eating this bad boy!

My choice of drink was  a Bernard and Kitty Cherry vodka and lemonade, what impressed me about this drink is the vodka is locally brewed and is only made with natural flavouring – it also was a light fruity drink that worked really well with my meal.

After all that food, i really didn’t feel like a dessert but as the restaurant was extremely busy (especially as it is a Wednesday night), it took the staff a while to clear our plates (like 1 hour) but we had a lovely chat whilst we waited and felt ready for dessert. I opted for oranges in cointreau and that is exactly what it was (as i took my last mouth full i said to the hubby i forgot to take a photo – so sorry guys), but i hope you can imagine it! It was simple but a perfect end to the meal, there is no way i could have stomached a treacle tart like the husband devoured!

Now i’m off to bed with my full belly – must eat more fruit tomorrow i think!

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  1. March 17, 2010 11:44 pm

    Your husband is so sweet!

    And 12 pieces of falafel is, to me, the perfect amount. Other places just don’t give you enough 🙂

    • March 17, 2010 11:52 pm

      They were so generous! i think they felt bad that there were no offers for vegetarians so fair play to them. The falafel was homemade and crispy on the outside and soft and crumbly in the middle – just perfect, they were not even oily so not sure how they cooked them.

  2. March 18, 2010 4:49 pm

    That looked like a perfect day! Believe it or not I have yet to try falafel. I feel like I should eat it from somewhere really nice the first time, so I can give it a good shot. The only place I have seen it is Camden market but I’ve always been too distracted by the crepes and chinese food to give the falafels a try. 🙂

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