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Fresh pizza is the best…

March 19, 2010

I am so sorry if anyone is following my blog. I wrote this post yesterday and must have pressed ‘save draft’ instead of ‘publish’ – i am a fool! So here is yesterdays post!

My day started with Swiss style museli mixed with cherry Muller light, i only ate half as the husband and i decided to go for a run before the in-laws turned up.

We ran 2.5 miles to the church that we got married in and then back to our house, the road is very rural and i got easily distracted by the sheep and the fields, the husband was a lot faster than me, which made me a bit disheartened with my own efforts. We have done exactly the same training for our upcoming half marathon but he was so much faster than me! By the time we got back to our house at 9am, the in-laws had just arrive (good timing!)

The husband went to play golf with his dad and i went into Exeter City with my MIL to browse the shops, it was a good day to go as it was the farmers market, the MIL bought a spelt cheese scone in the shape of a heart to munch on as she was not well on Wednesday and wanted something quite dry to put in her stomach – i managed to resist all the wonderful produce as i already have far too much food in the house as it is!

After seeing and smelling all the gorgeous food i was HANGRY! I had seen a vegetarian cafe called ‘the plant’ that i wanted to try out.

It was so nice to eat somewhere i didn’t have to filter out all the veggie options and there were some lovely things on offer for everyone to enjoy, they had a salad selection, frittata’s, veggie platters, plant toasties and i opted for the soup of the day and a roll, which was leek and potato – only one of my favourites! The next time i visit i will take photos of the inside and of the menu. The soup was so tasty, it also had a sweet taste which i think was sweet potato – bliss! The bread roll was homemade and served warm, as you can see i almost ate the whole thing before i remembered to take a photo. 

I washed down my meal with an elderflower tea, not sure what qualities this tea had but it was very refreshing and complimented the soup well.

Now, i sometimes judge places by their toilets – i know it’s strange! But i expect as much charater in the loos as there is in the actual cafe/restaurant and ‘The Plant’ did not fail me – the wall was decorated in vintage paper – check it out it was so cool….

After a wonder around Exeter and trying on some clothes, we decided to go for another drink, the weather turned awful, it rained cats and dogs and the MIL had only had a bread roll earlier due to recovering from a tummy bug so i thought it was a good time to get a bit more food in her (and me!) We went to Debenhams, i ordered a Peppermint Punch tea and shared half a treacle muffin with MIL.

We decided to head home as we were both feeling a bit pooped (think it was because of the weather?) We got back to Honiton on the train and chilled out for a couple of hours whilst we waited for the men to arrive home.

When they got back we all teased FIL for losing at golf and then decided to go out for fresh pizza and a local Bistro called ‘The Railway’ this place is something else, fresh food throughout and has an open kitchen which is so cool!

They brought out some cheesey bread with olive oil and balsamic syrup to dip in, this is one of my favourite things in restaurants – i love bread, any kind!

The MIL and I decided to share the fresh mozzarella, crushed tomato and fresh basil (the boys had a meaty feast), holy yumness! This fresh pizza was the best pizza i have ever had, not greasy and full of flavour. 

I ate half the pizza all to myself, i wish i had ordered a whole one as it was delicious.

Well it has been another day of glorious eats, i am starting to forget what it’s like to cook! Let me remind you that we are on Staycation this week, so it is back to standing over the stove every night next week, why does annual leave go so quick but the working week go so slow????

Oh well 3 more days of freedom to go….

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