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Invasion of Finger Face!

March 19, 2010

Lets see who can relate the blog title to the blog??

Boo hoo! The last day of annual leave 😦 but we still have the weekend! YAY.

All i wanted for breakfast was toast and butter, simple and tasty! I also had a refreshing glass of grapefruit juice. It almost makes the day sunnier even when it is pouring with rain drinking grapefruit juice!

The husband and I have been working really hard on our house this week, we now have a beautifully decorated hall and the whole house is almost tidy! I wonder how long it will last? I braved the British weather aka heavy rain and went to visit my local health store Ganesha, it is only a tiny store but has some great produce for the healthy foodie, including….

…cliff bars!!!!!!! Well only 1 cliff bar which i swiped as soon as i saw it. I have see this little bar on the US blog scene almost every day so was chuffed when i saw it. I’m not sure whether this  is going to be a regular product at the store but at least i can review one bar for myself. I will be trying it tomorrow before my run, it will be interesting to see how it fuels me.

I also purchased a Nakd Pecan Pie bar, just for the reason i haven’t tried any Nakd products yet and love love Pecan Pie!

When i got back in the house (and dried off) i made lunch, i was really craving a cheese toastie using the organic red leicester that i purchased from ASDA at the weekend. I made the toastie using Burgen Soya and Linseed Bread, this was probably the best toastie that i have made in a very long while. I complemented the toastie with sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes. I also added raw broccoli, black olives and hummus to my plate, now when you take a little bit of each on your fork, this combo tasted amazing!

I washed my lunch down with a proper cup of English Typhoo tea!

I was getting worried that the husband might get cabin fever if he stayed in the house much longer, he was decorating solidly all morning and early afternoon, so i suggested that we went to the Range in Exeter – it’s a store that sells lots of different items all under one rough.

I got very excited when i came across this….

It’s a breakfast storer! The bottom jar has a non-toxic gel built around it that you put in the freezer, this is where the milk is stored and the top part is where the cereal goes, there is also a little spoon built in, i can not wait to use and review it!

I also purchased a new iron, i was so excited about this as the iron we had actually made our clothes more creased! It’s sad when you get a thrill out of buying a new iron – i need to get a life!

but look at all my beautiful ironed garments!

For dinner, i fancied wholewheat pasta and pesto, i also had a mushroom burger left that i needed to eat. I also wanted to incorporate cheese and tomato into the meal.

Whilst dinner was cooking hubby wanted to try some dessert wine that had been in the cupboard a while (dessert wine with dinner? what are we like?)

The hubby is getting used to me taking random photos now in the kitchen and even offered to poor the wine for the blog photo – how sweet – probably as sweet as the wine!

Whilst my burger was dry frying i wilted some baby spinach in the pan and then added it to the pasta and pesto, this added a really nutty flavour and gave me the iron boost that i needed. Whose that in the photo?

Here is the finished product of my dinner, i enjoyed and savoured every bit of it – hang on seriously – who is that in the photo? It’s finger face!!!!!!!!!! (aka the hubby wanting to take over the blog by drawing smiley faces on his finger and getting in every photo – i love him)!

Another gorgeous day of food/eating, discovering new things to blog about and enjoying fun time with my husband – life is very good x

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  1. Ellen permalink
    March 20, 2010 1:35 am

    That dinner looks yummy! It’s cute that your husband wants to “take over the blog.” My bf jokes that he has the most famous hands in NYC ’cause I never take pics of him, but his hands always seem to end up in a lot of my photos!

  2. March 23, 2010 2:09 pm

    awww your husband is adorable! My bf got used to me taking pictures to but doesn’t want to be in them! I love the smiley finger!!

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