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Rain, rain go away – come again another day!

March 20, 2010

I seriously think i am going to pack up my husband and cat and get on the first plane to australia because i need some sun! Big time!

I was hoping to get a long run in today but the weather looks more settled tomorrow so i am postponing until tomorrow – can’t wait to try my Cliff Bar to fuel my run!

For breakfast i made some eggy bread using Burgen Soya and Linseed bread – it really worked well. I soaked each slice in a whisked egg and then dry fried them in my non stick frying pan;

As a youngster i always had a sprinkling of salt on my eggy bread but today i gave it a dusting of icing sugar, it was nice but reminded me of the scene in Road Trip when the boy asked for no sugar on his french toast – does anyone know what scene i am talking about? Ewww

I added a lychee for decoration and as a breakfast dessert!

The husband and I went to look around another antique shop in our town, we are so lucky to have so many. I really enjoyed looking around this one today, it was all boutiquey and not too expensive;

We really like this giant clock for the wall between our open plan kitchen/living room – what do you think?

We then ventured into a bookstore next door that sells old books, posters, magazines etc. As we want to give the hall a vintage seaside themem we were hoping to find some hidden treats – we struck it lucky and found a drawer full of vintage advertisments, check out the old food adverts, imay be tempted to get them for my kitchen walls. We did find a poster which i will show the blog world when the hallway is completely finished – it’s so perfect and only cost £10!

It feels like a dark winters day in Devon today so all i wanted when we got home was some soup to warm me up. I was going to make a tomato and basil soup from scratch but found a tin of Heinz Tomato with a touch of basil in the cupboard and ready made croutons so i went for the easy option instead 😉 I also wanted to get my greens inside of me so made a small side salad.

The salad i made was beyond words, since starting this blog i feel like i have discovered food for the first time! My salad contained

  • Baby Spinach
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Mini corn
  • Black sliced olives
  • Avocado
  • Hummus

The creaminess of the avocado and the crunch of the corn just made me go ‘yuuuummmm’ after every mouth full.

This afternoon, i caught up with my auntie barbara in the Midlands, i really miss that i don’t see my family all that often so can not wait to see them over Easter. My parents are currently on a Carribean cruise and all i ask them about when they call is ‘what’s the food like?’ I’m obsessed!

I’m just tucking into a homemade granola bar that MIL cooked for me, they are delicious so i will post the recipe when i get it from her, and of course i am washing it all down with a proper English cuppa!

Now what to do for dinner? Any ideas?

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