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The Sun came out on Sunday!

March 21, 2010

What a beautiful day we have had in the UK! The sun finally came out from under its cloud duvet and put a smile on my face. We decided not to waste a second of the good weather and went to Sidmouth on the coast. We parked up and walked to the seafront through a beautiful park, so many people were walking their dogs and kids were playing…could this be the actual start of spring???

Before we walkied down the seafront we headed into our favourite cafe in Sidmouth called ‘Mocha’, i opted for a latte and a toasted tea cake. I love real better on my tea cakes – yummy!

We got the best seats in the house, a comfy sofa which looks out over the seafront (there is a small road inbetween but it is still a fabulous view).

The photo of the seafront was a lot brighter in real life – my iphone camera really does not give the day justice.

We were fortunate enough to see the lifeboat come in after a training run, the tractor that tows the boat back onto the beach reversed all the way into the sea, the guy who drives it must have gotten soaked! Just after the tractor drove off, the husband spotted a huge sealion in the sea, i could not get a clear enough shot to get a photo but it was so lovely to watch, i guess the tractor churned up some real goodies for the sea lion to feast on.

Whilst walking back to the car along Sidmouth High St we ventured into a mini indoor store call ‘Trumps’, it had lots of local produce and unique foods. The chocolates below had some very strange flavours, maybe one day i will be brave enought to try them…

The store had an old victorian feel to it which i really liked, i felt like i had stepped back in time for a moment….

We decided to grab something from the store to have for lunch as it was all good quality produce. I went for the broccoli and Stilton quiche, we walked back by the river in the park and sat on a warm bench in the sun to eat our goodies.

When we got back home i did what i always do, checked on my fur baby Foxy. This was her fast asleep, i have never known a cat to sleep so heavy as her, i actually videoed me calling her to wake her up but no she was sleeping and nothing was going to disturb this little one. Foxy has FIV (feline version of HIV) and has to be a house cat due to the risk of it spreading and also the infection causes her to have a low immune system. We rescued her almost a year ago so she will be approx 6 years old soon – i do love her so much!

Late afternoon, i had an urge to go to the gym so i went with it! I had a really good work out, mostly on the bike for approx 50 mins. I did a little run on the treadmill to warm up, i must have accidentally taken a photo of myself as i found this when i got home – i was watching Glee on the TV!

For dinner, i wanted to try the nut roast that my MIL bought me in the week, all i had to do was mix the content with cold water and bake for 20mins,

I made the exact salad that i made earlier in the week, as the mix was stunning, my salad included;

  • baby spinach
  • cherry tomato
  • baby corn
  • black olives
  • avocado
  • hummus

Hubby is like the Potato King, no matter what he does with them, they always turn out stunning! He decided to saute some potatoes with roasemary and salt, i was not disappointed!

The nut roast was nice too, i have had tastier nut roasts but this was ok.

My yummy dinner….

The hubby and i decided to have one last drink on our staycation break and opted for a Sailor Jerry’s & Pepsi;

For dessert we ate what was left of the Ben & Jerry’s i bought yesterday (that didn’t last long did it?)

We hired the film ‘Rocknrollas’ starring the gorgeous Gerard Butler, we have seen it before and loved it so fancied watching it again…well it’s back to the day job tomorrow so it’s good night from me, i’m off to the land of nod zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. March 22, 2010 10:03 am

    Oh wow it looks beautiful where you live! I love Glee but am way behind on my episodes- I’ll try to catch up this week. I hope you’ve not got the ‘first day back’ blues! 🙂

  2. March 30, 2010 11:52 pm

    Mmmm Sailor Jerry AND ice cream? Perfect night. 🙂

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