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A food blogger who forgets to photograph food – Doh!

March 22, 2010

I HAVE POST HOLIDAY BLUES! As if Monday’s aren’t horrible enough, they are even worse when you have been off for a week! This morning i was completly out of my routine and ended up running around the house like a mad woman!

I had granola and skimmed milk for breakfast – which i forgot to photograph!

At about 10:45am, i was checking through the 300+ emails that i received whilst i was off (how did the world work before email?) and started to feel a little hungry, i tucked into my imitation nutrigrain bar from ASDA, it was quite tasty but so processed, i really need to get baking. I also had a free vending machine cup of tea.

I really fell down at lunch and forgot to photograph my food again, however it was a bit embarrasing! I packed 2 slices of seeded batch bread so i could have toast (but i forgot to pack butter!). Instead i got a free vend Tomato Soup and was going to use my bread to dunk in, my friend had brought in some garlic and herb soft cheese so i put some of that on my bread, which was really nice with the soup. I also picked up a packet of Squares, cheese and onion flavour. I will be more organised tomorrow as my lunch was disgraceful!

In the afternoon i was having an energy slump so ate 2 clementines, they did the trick and got me through the afternoon. 

I felt quite stressed coming back to so much work and decided i needed to go for a workout to destress, i fueled up with 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and choc chips and a blackberry energy drink.

Sorry for the blurry shot! This is me just before heading to hi impact aerobics, i needed to burn some calories!

On the short run to my leisure centre, i saw this beautiful tree and had to get a shot of it…the sky was so clear and it was already very cold, i think i am going to be de-icing my car tomorrow morning!

For dinner i wanted some serious carbs, i was hungry! I boiled up some wholewheat pasta and dry fried the last of my baby spinach with a bit of garlic puree.

I mixed the spinach into the pasta and added some sliced black olives and green pesto.

I love this green pesto brand that i bought in the co-op, it is so tasty my taste buds water thinking about it! I may have a go of making my own pesto once all this jar has been used up.

For an added bit of calcium i sprinkled some grated seriously strong cheddar onto my pasta – the stronger the better i say!

On the side i had some raw brocolli – i am loving my raw veggies right now – Delicious!

I also added to my carb load with 4 slices of garlic bread – i now stink but i love it sooo much.

For dessert i had a simple fruit salad that the husband threw together whilst i was at aerobics, i love him so much! He said it was special as it had a twist….when i tried the salad i realised he had put a tiny amount of Sailor Jerry rum in the mix – this complemented the fruit perfectly, he really should start up his own blog!

For a bedtime treat i have allowed myself one tiny square of this Bournville Orange bar that i picked up at the supermarket for a whopping 44p!!! This bad boy is going to last me a while, it is so tangy and i just love dark chocolate.

I’m off to bed now, i have a feeling it is going to be a long week at work! But i will not get down and i will not stress, i am calm and in a happy place – life is good x

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  1. March 23, 2010 8:24 am

    Maybe before emails you would have had 300 envelopes to open. You could have had 300 papercuts. Plus it would be a good excuse to have one of those fancy letter openers on your desk that could also be used as a weapon in desperate situations. Yay- lets go back to real letters 🙂
    I’m glad you’re keeping the stress out! x

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