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Family Time & Some Amazing News!

April 4, 2010



I have not been home to Birmingham since Christmas – which is far too long! I have missed my family like crazy recently, so we decided to all meet up at Easter for a curry!!

The one thing i hate about going away for the night is leaving this little lady, she really was not bothered however because she was catching some rays – she is too cute!

On the way to Birmingham i munched on my 2nd Fruitina bar (apple and apricot), i am becoming a real fan of these bars and will hopefully buy some more tomorrow if Jullian Graves is open. The hubby had the other bar (apple and Raspberry), which he enjoyed too. I checked the ingredients on the bars and they are purely fruit puree – perfect snack.

We got to Birmingham quite late so my sister, brother in law and 2 gorgeous nieces were already at my parents house, they moved to Nottingham last year so we do not see each other as often as we like and i miss them. Here they are as my bridesmaid at my wedding last October. The eldest has brown hair and eyes like my sister and the youngest niece has blonde hair (not sure where this comes from!) and big bright blue eyes like her dad.


We all headed off to the curry house, where we met up with my aunt, 2 cousins and grandparents, we are all loud and laugh lots when we get together – i feel sorry for other diners! We all started off with popadoms, i covered mine with Raita (mint/cucumber dip) and mango chutney.

I had an onion bharji, which i ate before i took a photo – sorry! It was delicious however! For my main i had Vegetable Masala, half portion of egg fried rice and half a naan – i had almost eaten the lot before i remembered to take a photo (sorry they are not great pics, i only had my iphone on me). The curry sauce was thick and creamy, just how i like them! The veggies were…ok, a few chunks of potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots (i’ve had better).

I never have dessert after a curry because i am always too full, so i went for a coffee floater, as the restaurant was not licensed they could not make it a liquor coffee – the bonus of this is we could take our own booze. This means that you don’t have to spend tons of money on drinks that you can get half the price in the supermarket and you can take the drink that you want to drink. I took a bottle of Hoegaaden blonde beer, which i shared with my nan. It is a very light beer which complemented the curry perfectly.

Back to the coffee…i was surprised that the HOT drink was served in a wine glass! I gave my chocolate to the nieces to share.

The coffee was difficult to drink as the glass was too hot to hold, we had to drink the coffee by holding the stem of the glass, it was such a nice coffee, but i was worried that the glass was going to crack with the heat! (My 88 year old nan is such a hoot! She is looking over confused in the photo because she can not understand why my sister is taking a photo with a phone).

My Mom and I walked my grandparents back to their car and mom realised she looked like a bit of a Wino walking down the street with a bottle in her hand, she is posing in this photo and is definitely not a WINO!

So a lovely meal was had by all, the airbed hubby and i were meant to sleep on had a massive whole in it so we both had a sofa to sleep on each, they were surprisingly comfortable but we didn’t get to bed until late, then we were woken up by the neices jumping on us at 08:30am – great! Once everyone was up, i helped mom make a massive cooked breakfast, on the menu was lots of eggs because of these…

Yes my suburban living dad has 3 chickens! Let me introduce to Feathers (light brown), Chicken-lickin (dark brown) and Daisy (white), they are so sociable and always want to come into the house but they mess everywhere so are not allowed.

Sorry about the grubby window, my parents also have a cross collie rescue dog that puts her muddy paws all over the window, the dog and the chickens get on so well. Now can you see why i am vegetarian – there is no way i could go out into my parents garden and kill one of these beautiful birds for the sake of a roast!

The breakfast was amazing and there was plenty to feed the whole street.

My mom even went and got me some veggie sausages so i didn’t feel left out – she is so thoughtful.

Well it was a lovely weekend with the family and i am now back in Devon with my fur baby. I really need to take more photos as i missed the Easter egg hunt with the nieces, me, the hubby and my parents playing on the wii and a photo of my sister and brother-in-law…

Why do i want a photo of my sister and brother-in-law?


I am going to be an auntie again in November!!!! I am so excited! My sister told me as soon as i got to my parents, the nieces do not know about their future sister or brother as it is still early days. This is going to be an amazing year as there will be a new addition to the family! Life is so good!

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  1. April 5, 2010 3:01 pm

    HEY GIRL! thanks soo much for your sweet comment!
    CONGRATS ON BEING AN AUNT! that is soo exciting! i hope you had an awesome easter!

  2. April 5, 2010 5:35 pm

    awww sounds like you had a great Easter. How funny is it that your dad has chickens!!! Love it! Also congrats on becoming an auntie again. I hope all goes well for your sister.

  3. April 5, 2010 6:41 pm

    Lovely news!!! My parents have chickens too, they’e not named though as we can’t tell them apart!

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