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Exams – Day 1

April 6, 2010


Exams are over today and i am happy to report that i got 100% on my General and aircraft specific exams!! Yay

Now to breakfast, i had a quick brekkie again as i wanted to continue with my revision. I had simple honey on toast, i haven’t had this in ages and forgot how much i love it.

As i knew today was going to be a late one as we have to wait for the aircrafts to land to carry out the practical’s, i wanted something quite filling. I had left over lemon and corriander cous cous from last night and wondered what i could put with it…poached egg!

I thought it might be a strange mix and not work together but actually it did! The texture of the egg and the cous cous combined was perfect and so tasty. I seasoned the egg with a little salt and pepper. I only really put salt on 2 things, chips and egg.

Due to the lack of greens on my plate i decided to make a green monster – a cherry, banana chocolate monster – oh yeah!

This was even better than the chocolate bomb i made the other day! Joanne noticed on my blog the other day a symbol on the bottom of my mixing cup which looked like a ‘no bicycle’ or ‘no bra’ sign! I just had to check it out today and the picture looks like a cross through an electric whisk. I am happy to report that i can actually put a bike or a bra in my mixing cup if i want to in the future!

Exam day 1 starts at 15:30 with a half hour break at 19:00, i knew i would be chewing my arm off so i packed some veggies and a small pot of plain hummus. They were gratefully received by my rumbling belly!

On the way into the work i picked up my new bargain toy! I can’t wait to have a look at it tomorrow and once i have learnt to use it i will write a review.

So i have done my exams for one day and have another load tomorrow! Sorry i have no photos of my work today as i was in my crew uniform and my company does not like its employees posting things on websites/facebook etc I would never say anything bad about my company as i love working for it but if i wish to mention it i will ask the relevant people for permission first.

After 2 very cold hours on aircrafts i got home with a little bit of a chill. I decided to opt for quick comfort food – cheese on toast with Worcestershire sauce…

And a steaming mug of hot chocolate!

Now i have caught up on Shameless, i am going to bed to read some blogs and then continue with revision first thing as Day 2 does not start until 11am whoopee!

Night All x

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  1. April 7, 2010 10:56 am

    Awesome! You passed your exams, got a food chopper and are able to smoothie your bra if you should like! 🙂 I’m going to get my hair cut then I’ll hit up Tesco before cooking your mushroom dish! I’m quite scared- don’t hate me if it all goes wrong or if it turns out I don’t like mushrooms! Have a good day!

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