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Come Fly With Me….

April 20, 2010


Woo hoo – UK airspace re-opened yesterday! My companies schedule should be returning to normal as of today which means i get to fly to FARO in Portugal later – yay! (I’m operating though so will only be there for about 30 mins)!


Now that work has returned to normal, i should be back on track with daily blogging, it has all been a bit crazy the last week and i have been neglecting my blog (which i love, so should take more care of it).


Still my eating continues to be fantastic, I’ve more or less eaten the same thing the last 2 days so i can do a double blog in one (how convenient)?

Breakfast has been one of these low fat yogurts from Iceland – they taste just like Muller lights and are on offer at 5 for £1.50. I have been taking a pot to work and mixing it with Jordan’s Natural Muesli, i never leave enough time to eat breakfast at home before work so i always make sure i have something healthy to hand for when i get to my desk, i used to just go without – so bad!

My snacks have consisted of more yogurt, raw veggies with hummus and fruit,i chomp on this throughout the day, i forgot to photograph my sandwich on both Tuesday and Wednesday so you know it must be good if i eat before i take pics. I have been having Soya and Linseed Bread, spread with Clover and inside have had grated smoked Applewood Cheddar (too yummy for words!) and sliced apple – so good!

When i got into work on Tuesday, it was one of my colleague’s birthday, he very kindly left this on my desk…

Yes – a yummy jam doughnut, i looked around me and everyone was scoffing jam doughnuts at 9 am! I think someone saw the horror on my face that something so tempting was there on my desk and piped up “it’s ok because you will run it off later anyway”. This was a kind comment but this is how my brain worked…yes i am going for a run later so will be able to burn some of the calories, but there is nothing nutritional in this cake to help me on my run, whereas my fruit and veg will – KER CHING! it was like something made sense in my head, i eat for fuel! I get it, i finally get it! Eating crap is bad – stay away from it! So i did, i discretely gave my doughnut to another colleague so to not offend the birthday boy and also others can look at you like an alien if you refuse cake.

Instead i ate what i had originally planned…

…much better!

After work on Tuesday, i was really up for a good 3 miler so munched this Naked bar for a bit of extra fuel…

…i can not even begin to explain how good these bars are and i swear each new bar i try gets better and better! This Nakd Ginger Bread, was no exception, the ginger was subtle and i felt like i was eating a cake. Each bar has a lovely consistency and almost a creamy after taste. When my sample supply runs out i will be purchasing many more of these bars and have them in my store cupboard always.


Tuesdays dinner was my favourite stuffed pasta from Tesco covered in Loyd Grossman pasta sauce and grated cheese. My side salad consisted of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts, and a side dollop of hummus.

Wednesday’s dinner was a little different…i had no idea what i wanted food wise but i knew 2 things, i was craving eggs and wanted rice…hhhmmmm?

Egg/Tofu curry and rice! I know, sounds gross but it was actually quite good!

I boiled 2 eggs, and boiled some brown rice. For the main curry sauce i added numerous spices (Cumin, Garam Masala, Paprika) to low fat creme fraiche. I then added fried onions and tofu to the mix – the result was not bad but think i needed to add some veggies to the sauce like broccoli or peas – but you learn from every recipe! The egg complemented the curry sauce perfectly too.

Right i don’t check in until 15:30 so going to have breakfast, maybe go to the gym or have a run and then off to work – have a great day everyone!

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  1. April 22, 2010 11:30 am

    You’re so good for passing up the doughnut! Sometimes I an resist things but I am awful about peer pressure. That’s why I love blogging- you guys understand! I really want to try the nakd ginger bread. I think I might have to buy a box of things- my tesco only sells the apple pie flavour! Your yoghurt looks really good- when I read that you’d got it from Iceland I seriously thought someone had brought it for you from Iceland the country- I forgot there was a shop! Enjoy your flight- hope you get to step off the plane and feel the heat!

    • April 22, 2010 6:47 pm

      Daft question but where abouts in Tesco do they put them – I had a look last weekend and couldn’t find them!

  2. April 24, 2010 9:00 pm

    You have a great mindset about food. I need to realise that I am eating for fuel and cut back on the crap!

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