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Bon Jour – My Trip to France!

June 13, 2010

Bon Jour Everyone – i am practically fluent in French after a week in France…NOT!

I did learn how to order a beer and coffee, so i got by! I soon realised on my trip that 1. There was no wifi in the seaside town we stayed in (so no blogging!) and 2. the French are not all that big on Vegetarian food. I have eaten so much French bread and cheese, not the best diet i tell you…and drank ALOT of wine!


I got home yesterday and my body was craving healthy food so i spent £60+ in tesco filling my trolley with healthy unprocessed food.


So it’s time to bore you with the holiday snaps…rather than put them all into 1 blog, i will spread them out over a number of blogs.


Journey to Dover and Day 1 of holiday

It was a gorgeous day on the way to Folkestone, not the best weather for a 5 hour drive but was a great start to my holiday – the hubby and i sang all the way there, the radio is always good when the sunshine is out.


We met up with my parents and my in-laws and stayed the night in Folkestone, the next day we caught the boat from Dover to Dunkirk..



Hubby and my FIL on the boat…



My dad, mom and MIL on the way to Dunkirk…


Me, my dad and mom…



Hubby and I went outside for some air and enjoyed watching the seagulls following the boat…


The place we stayed in was called Le Crotoy (about 120km South from Dunkirk) it was a quant little seaside town, we hired out a house for the week…

somme-home-french-rentals-owners-direct-37655  a270575 a270574

As soon as we got there we stocked up on wine and beer (it was so cheap!) and sat out on the decking to enjoy the sunshine

013 014 015 016

After a few drinkies we went for a walk along the seafront and enjoyed watching the sunset…

  018 019 020


That night i ate a cheese, tomato and olive pizza, not the healthiest start to the holiday!

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