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Hmmm, got my thinking face on…..

June 21, 2010

And this is what it looks like….

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about anything and everything – do you ever get that where life is good and okay, but you want something new or a change in your life? I think it may have something to do with turning 30 in a few months, i think it is making me re-evaluate myself a little.

I have also been thinking about my blog and think it is a shame i do not give enough commitment to it, i have ‘met’ some fantastic people in the blog world so i am going to make more of an effort.

We have been having lovely weather again in the UK, if only the weather stayed like this May-September i would enjoy living in the UK more. The hubby and i are really out doorsy people and although we have lots of little jobs to do in the house as soon as the sun comes out…so do we! We are very fortunate to live in the beautiful English countryside on the coast, yesterday we ventured out to see where we ended up, we found a fruit picking farm that had a little tea room, about 15 mins from where we live. The fruit will be ready to pick in a couple of weeks so we are definitely going to head back and stock up the freezer for my smoothies.

We thought it was rude not to have something to drink/eat in the tea room (any excuse!) So took a seat in the beautiful garden of the farm house…check out the views! Note to self – don’t wear black when the sun comes out!

Check out the farm house…i want it!

We sat outside for about an hour just chatting about life, my husband is so nice i can talk to him about anything and he supports me or gives me the best advice. We have been talking about our future a lot more recently and how much we are looking forward to becoming parents one day…but not just yet! We are saving like crazy and being sensible about it. We are either going to put 2 years worth of savings into our next house to make the mortgage even less, or possibly keep the 2 years of saving to ease the pressure whilst i am off work…this is so far in the future though and are just ideas. In an ideal world, when we start a family i would like to be in a position to not work and be a full time mom, but i don’t think it will be that easy in the UK.

Anyways…we both had an Elderflower Presse and we shared a delicious homemade tea cake – yummy!

To save money (you can understand now why we are always saving money now!), we headed back home and split the tofu stir fry that i had made the previous night.  I was so proud of hubby for trying the tofu, and even better he enjoyed it! To spruce it up i mixed a tsp of honey to 1/2 tsp of soy sauce and drizzled it over the top – the sweetness of the honey and the saltiness of the soy sauce really works…try it!

We soon got fidgety again being indoors so we went out to explore Honiton, the town we live in. We were told that there was a park right in the middle of the town that we went to explore. I stupidly did not get changed and was far too overdressed for this weather!


The hubby however was dressed for summer….dude where’s your board!


We found this cut out tree in the park, looks at the greens and blues – such a perfect weather day!


A side view…the hubby loving taking pics for the blog!


To end the day we were so lazy and went and got fish and chips! Not healthy food at all, but i only ate half my chips and took the batter off the fish so kept my portions small. Sorry no pic!

This week i have been so good with my food and kept my portions small but allowing myself more food if i want it, i am happy to report that i went from 159lbs after returning from France and am now 154lb – that’s 5lb down! I did do it sensibly and think it was a lot of water weight from all the crap i ate on holiday

I am ending this blog with something that makes me smile everyday…hope she makes you smile too…



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  1. June 21, 2010 10:36 pm

    154lbs is awesome! I’m still hovering at the 158lb mark. I really wish there was somewhere near here where you could pick your own fruit!

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