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The Sun is Shining at the Airport…

June 25, 2010

I’m starting to think my iphone is poo…it froze the other day and would not allow me to do anything, i managed to restore the phone to it’s original settings but i lost a lot of photos (all the ones that i had taken for my blog), some of my messages, apps etc so if you have an iphone make sure you back it up regularly grrrr!! And because my phone has been temperamental i have not been using it the last few days, hence no blogs but fingers crossed my little iphone is back to normal now.


What a gorgeous day! I love the UK when the sun is shining! Thank goodness our office has air conditioning because it is HAWT!!!!

I find i naturally eat better when the weather is better – so weather if you are listening to me, please stay for a while!


I have discovered a new yoghurt and it is superb! Other UK bloggers will have seen it in the Supermarkets, it’s called Rachel’s Organic, click on the link for more information. My mother in law gave me half a pot of the Rachel’s Organic Greek Yogurt with Honey as she was going away for a week and did not want to waste it



– i tried it on my breakfast on Tuesday and i was hooked! Not only did it taste rich and creamy, but the ingredents list was something else,check this out…




That’s right Organic Yogurt, Organic Cream, Organic Honey – that’s all folks!

Although the yogurt was the best yogurt that i have ever tasted, i am trying to lose weight so hit the supermarket in hope that Rachel’s made a low fat yogurt with the same fantastic ingredients AND i was in luck and bought this…



And did the ingredients list live up to the Greek Rachel’s Yogurt…




Hell yeah! I am a new lifetime fan of Rachel’s Yogurt and urge you to go try it if you haven’t already.


So breakfast was on the go, i mixed Jordan’s Muesli, Rachel’s Organic Vanilla Yogurt and a spoonful of Whole Earth Peanut Butter together to make the most delicious combo…




On the way to work, i go past a sign making company, check out there cool shutters to the shop! I am so excited about the England vs Germany game on Sunday!



Now, i know i get fed up sometimes with my job and secretly wish that i had a fantastic business that i run from home but on days when the sun is out i love my job. Today i had to visit the crew room to get a few things organised, on the way back i decided to have my lunch in my car, i usually go to lunch with the girls but now and again, it’s nice to take half hour out and not talk to a soul.

I parked up at the side of the runway to watch some of the planes coming and going, i was just in time to see a Dash Q400 get ready for take off…



Bye Bye Metal Birdie…



Check out the geekie plane spotter…



I enjoyed my leftovers for lunch – stuffed pasta.



So, i have had a lovely day at work but when i got home, i saw this…



Yes…that is some idiot in my parking space right outside my house! Now can you see the BIG sign saying RESERVED on it – this person did not see it! As i took this photo, there was a strongly worded letter placed on their windscreen. Not many things wind me up but this does! But i will not let it spoil my day, i have a lovely weekend planned.


Tomorrow, i am going to get the last of mine and the husbands fancy dress costumes for the ball that we are going to next weekend for my friends 30th Birthday, you are not going to believe what type of ball it is but all will be revealed later as i need your honest opinions on my outfit…


Sunday me and the hubby are going to a work colleagues to watch the England vs Germany game, I’m really excited about it as my work colleague is German! She is going to make some German food for us and i am going to make something for dessert but not sure what to do yet as would like to make an English and German dish Any Ideas?

I bought these to take with us as there is going to be a bit of friendly rivalry going on…


England Party Cups!! How tacky!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone x

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  1. June 25, 2010 11:10 pm

    Oh Lordy you are brave going to watch the game with both English and German people!

    I love Rachel’s yoghurt but have only tried the low fat vanilla one, it’s the only one they sell here! It’s pretty good in a green monster though!

    Can’t wait to see you in some costumes- I love costumes 🙂 have a great weekend!

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