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Date Night & Eclipse…

July 11, 2010

Can i just say i am loving the sun! I am going to wear my £8 primark denim shorts to death because it is rare to have such good weather in the UK!


I have been feeling a little lethargic recently and i know it is because of my bad eating and lack of exercise, there is only one thing that can almost instantly pick me up and that is a Green Monster. I went to the local green grocers and bought myself a BIG bag of spinach, this should last me a few days.

I made my green smoothie by mixing 2 big handfuls of spinach, 8oz milk, a drop of vanilla essence and a tsp of cocoa powder to sweeten, it hit the spot and did the trick – delicious!

I also wanted to share with you my little find from my local Factory Outlet Store…

how cool are these?! I can now enjoy my corn on the cob without getting butter all over my fingers, i may test these out later – it’s amazing what makes a food blogger get excited!


Yesterday lunch was nothing special but was soooo good! I have so many eggs in the house at the moment, a lady at work has rescued 12 more battery chickens which are popping out eggs like there is no tomorrow, so she has been dishing them out at work. My parents also visited this week and bought me another box of eggs from their 3 chickens. I decided to make egg mayo and added just a hint of salt and pepper.

I bought fresh wholemeal rolls from the bakery and enjoyed (i also cooked the hubby sausages for his rolls – so glad i don’t eat meat when i saw all the fat ouzing out!)

A gooey fresh mess of egg mayo…yum!

I also finally put this pic up in my kitchen, i made it for my wedding and put it on the sweetie buffet table, i really like the saying…

The husband and I later ventured out for date night…we decided to go to ASK in Exeter, it is located right next to the cathedral and is in a beautiful part of the city.


I opted for a glass of the Rosapina, Monarco Marche (Light, fruity and fresh – just wait for those summer berry fruits to explode on your tongue), it was lovely and complimented my meal perfectly.

Whilst we waited we shared a big garlic bread (i apologise to the people we sat next to in the cinema later that night!)

For my main i went for the mushroom ravioli (Ravioli ai Funghi e Ricotta – Delightful half moon egg pasta envelopes packed with wild mushrooms and ricotta, served in a creamy wild mushroom, thyme and white wine sauce and garnished with sauteed oyster mushrooms)  – the vegetarian options were great, lots to choose from.

The meal was perfect, it was so fresh and tasty and the best thing was we printed off a voucher – 2 meals for £10 so was well worth the money. The oyster mushrooms on top were out of this world, they almost had the taste and consistency of meat.


Just when i thought my night couldn’t get more perfect we made the short walk to Vue cinema to watch Eclipse, i shared a Sprite and a sweet popcorn with the husband. The film was sooo good, i just wish they made a little more of the story of Bree Tanner, but for every Twilight film so far the books have been 10 times better than film and after the third film, i am still totally…



…TEAM EDWARD – swoon

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  1. July 11, 2010 2:26 pm

    I am so desperate to see the film! Hopefully I’ll go to the city next weekend to see it. I prefer the films to the books to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with her writing style and felt it detracted from the awesome stories! Can’t wait for the 4th film too 🙂

    I wish I was getting to wear shorts, weather here has been cold, wet and/or windy for nearly 2 weeks. I woke up to bad storms this morning!

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