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I feel like I am back! (About bloody time too!)

July 12, 2010

I realised that i have been doing hardly any exercise recently, in fact i have been doing NO exercise recently – i fell into a lazy rut that i needed to get my butt out of, well today i made the first step in the right direction…but first the food baby!

Brekkie was my Easyio yogurt that i made last night, it had been pasturising in the maker all night and was slightly warm this morning (which i quite like!)

I also had a small bowl of Oat Granola, which is nice tasting but tends to cut my gums to pieces, once this is all eaten up i am reverting back to my Jordan’s Natural Museli, a lot less sugar and a lot kinder on the gums :0)


I packed my lunch this morning which included an apple, Clementine and plum.

At about 11am i needed a little boost so tucked into these bad boys. I LOVE monkey nuts, they stop me from over stuffing my face as i have to take my time peeling the shell to get to the nut!


For lunch i enjoyed my freshly made bread, i was going to have peanut butter and jam but when the bread is so fresh and soft all i wanted was some butter – i didn’t want to spoil it!



I have been getting back into drinking Green Tea at work and today’s flavour was pineapple and citrus flavour! I takes me a few days to revert back to a good thing and i tried not to grimace after every mouth full – not an attractive look sat at my desk!

Oh i also enjoyed a few more monkey nuts at about 3pm.



I ran a few errands when i got home (well went and bought cat litter, cat food and cat milk – she is so spoilt), i then got straight into my workout gear – it’s time to lose the wobble. No more excuses (i have ran out of them!) – this is it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step! Right?


I do not feel great in my workout clothes but i will soon.



My belly was rumbling so i knew i needed a bit of energy to get me through one hour of hi-impact aerobics. I opted for a slice of my fresh bread, peanut butter and jam – you just can’t go wrong with this snack.



The aerobics class was HOT! It was so humid i was sweating before i even started the warm up! I fell straight back into the routine and jumped around like a lunatic, by the end i was dripping in sweat – attractive right? But it felt so good, why have i left it so long to go back, i still have my post workout buzz going on! I got back home and i was hungry, i helped the husband tuck into the tortilla chips and sweet chilli hummus – yummy!


I was trying to take a pic of my red, sweaty moon head but the photo did not do the tone of red justice! (PS sorry about the hair, i am like Monica from friends, the humidity affects it big time!)



Whilst waiting for dinner to cook and having a chat with the hubby, i noticed a cute little cat out of the kitchen window, i had to go say hello, this little might was tiny so i gave him/her some of Foxy’s biscuits, we are now good friends – such a sweetie!



For dinner i had 2! nut cutlets (i must remember portion control after working out – i really should of only had one), roasted potatoes lovingly cooked by the hubby and raw broccoli.



I added some of this to spruce my meal up…what is THAT? i hear ya ask? Well it is homemade mint and apple jelly made by hubby’s granny. It is the business and i am going to try and make it myself once this massive tub has been eaten (won’t take long the way we are going?)



For afters, i was still feeling HAWT and wanted something refreshing and cool…hello honey dew melon. It was so sweet and ripe, i ended up wearing most of the juice on my chin and around my neck – so good, just what i needed.


Well Monday has started very good, i’m tempted to try Body Step tomorrow as i think it is the new launch, i have never tried this class – Have you tried Body Step? I am also very excited about returning to Body Pump, BP74 is being launched on Wednesday so i have booked myself in. Anyone else starting Body Pump 74 this week?

I think this blog is going to get a lot more interesting don’t ya know!

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  1. helenerocks permalink
    July 13, 2010 6:20 am

    Hey! I think you look gorgeous in your gym gear. At least you can wear shorts. Cant see myself in shorts any time soon 😦 What is the specificity of BP 74 compared to “normal” BP?

    • July 13, 2010 10:38 am

      Aw, thank you for your sweet comment! Body pump 74 is the new release (new routine/new songs), it starts this Wednesday at my gym x

  2. July 13, 2010 7:57 am

    Your bread looks so tasty! I’m going to have to try and get myself to a body pump class. I know my gym runs them but I’m a bit nervous about going to classes by myself, especially when they are a bit ‘clicky’ in my gym! x

  3. July 13, 2010 12:14 pm

    I’m so jealous of all the exercise classes other people get to go to! We only have aquafit and spin in my town, and I’m afraid to go to spin! We should have a couple more starting in the Autumn- a boxing one and a toning one.

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