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Doing a Monica…

July 21, 2010

After stating on my blog yesterday that i need to get a life, i decided today to open up a little more to the real Amy…which resulted in me doing a Monica!

All will be explained further down, but first lets look at the eats!

Breakfast was Swiss style muesli, orange yogurt a blueberries, washed down with a pub style OJ…



For lunch i had ANOTHER marmite sandwich (i love it) and forgot to take a photo but i imagine you all know what a marmite sandwich looks like?

I snacked on blueberries, grapes and cherries throughout the day also.


It was someone’s birthday in the office today and i am sad to say i did not turn down a teeny tiny piece of chocolate cake ;P



I got home and thought i would have a little snack of a mixed seed flatbread and red pepper pesto houmous – a bootiful combination.


I did not eat what is in the next photo yet…a lady at work grows veg quicker than it can be eaten so she sells it at work. Today i purchased a bag of beans, 2 courgettes and a cucumber for £1.50! What a bargain and it’s all organic too! Score!



Doing a Monica….

have you seen the programme Friends? Of course you have, well you know how tidy and organised Monica is…well i am inspiring to be like her so when i got home tonight, i ditched the idea of going to Bums/Tums & Thighs and Body Pump in favour of doing a Monica…you will see why i came to this decision in the next few photos. I am completely ashamed by the mess i am about to share with you but i have to keep it real. Life has been hectic recently and i have let things slip ALOT when it comes to tidying my bedroom, but you will see that i have completely redeemed myself!!!!


OK here goes..lets start with the bed – messing and Foxy does not look happy does she?

The bed AFTER – ‘That’s better’ Foxy sighed!


BEFORE – the storage area… oh dear!


AFTER – not perfect but sooo much better!


BEFORE – the area at the end of our bed – WTF! When did a bomb hit the place?


AFTER – i thought there was a blanket box under there somewhere!


BEFORE – the chair…poor chair, i’m surprised it hasn’t marched itself back to IKEA!


AFTER – MUCH neater!


BEFORE – oh dear lord – how have i lived in this room recently…please don’t judge me!!! The area by the side of my bed *cringe*


AFTER – Even Foxy can not believe all the space now!


BEFORE – our en suite aka the dumping ground!


AFTER – better – much better!


I hope you enjoyed seeing this part of my life, i can’t wait to get into bed now, i feel like balance has been restored and the world makes sense again!

It was hubby’s turn to cook tonight…so we ended up with Indian Take Out!!! I love it when he cooks ;o

Prawn Balti with Pilau Rice, with a cheeky onion bhaji on the side…definately need to get back to the gym now!


Please tell me i am not the only one who lets the housework slip sometimes????

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  1. July 22, 2010 7:02 am

    No lovely, you aren’t the only one! I recently had a massive de-cluttering session as I’m moving house in a couple of weeks and didn’t want to be taking loads of junk with me. Out of my bedroom alone I removed 16, yes 16! bin liners full of crap – old clothes, shoes, handbags and general crap. I also removed 3 bin liners full of junk from my computer desk alone which had become a massive dumping ground.

    I’m such a hoarder and I really hate it so have been reading a book called house detox which has some really helpful, practical tips. I made a pact with the husband that when we are in the new house, the hoarding must stop!

    Your house looks lovely and tidy now, maybe spend 15 minutes each day just maintaining that tidiness, that really is all it takes.

  2. July 22, 2010 10:11 am

    Would you stop giving me bedding envy? I am now totally lusting after the wee table you have opposite your chair too!

    I do let the house stuff slip. I generally have 2 rooms that are presentable and 2 rooms that are messy at any one time. The bathroom is kept pretty clean all the time. If people come round I close the doors of the messy rooms (usually kitchen and spare bedroom). I find tidying and cleaning much more satisfying when there is going to be an actual transformation. So thats my excuse on why I let the place get into a state before I clean it!

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