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No Autographs!!!!….

July 23, 2010


Because i am FAMOUS!!! I reported earlier in the week that i had a bit of an exciting day on Monday – well now i can tell you why… the amazing company that i work for sponsor Exeter City Football Club, so myself and a friend went to get our photos taken with the new away kit, we were one of the first people to see them!!! We also got to meet the teams Captain – who although looks grumpy on the photos was really nice (and quite dishy)!

I do not have all the photos yet but here are a few, below is the photo from the local paper…


In the above photo the photographer asked me to sit on the Captain’s knee but i said that i was too heavy and would injure him before the football season! I really need to be more confident!


We are even on the Football clubs website!!!!


I think this was my 15 minutes of fame and am sad that it is all over already!


Onto more normal things…twins! I am thinking that my sisters pregnancy is going really quick, and as she is having twins there is a possibility that she could deliver early. I am seeing her in August for a family get together and want to have 2 hampers for the babies and a hamper for herself ready by that time, so this afternoon i started on the twins hampers, what so you think?


I am going to buy lots of baby toiletries to go in them also – it is so exciting! I can’t wait to show you them when they are finished.



My sister already has 2 daughters, Sophie who is 8 years old on Monday and Eden who will be 6 years old on 31st Dec.I found this cute door sign, which my sister can put on the babies bedroom door, it will allow the girls to see when…

SSSSSSSsssh baby sleeping



Baby awake now


Sorry i have not included my eats today, i had muesli and yogurt for breakfast and a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch – boring i know!

I may blog again later about a controversial programme i watched yesterday, but i need to think whether i want to blog about it first as i am quite upset about it…sorry to be cryptic but i will explain why later xxx

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  1. July 23, 2010 6:59 pm

    Oooh footballer! The photo that made the paper is a great one of you. I love the little hampers- very cute! x

  2. July 23, 2010 7:56 pm

    Great photos of you! You should have sat on his knee! The baby hampers are lovely, I will be pinching that idea for my sister, I have until January to sort one out x

  3. July 23, 2010 8:23 pm

    Hey! You look fantastic on the picture. Im flying with your company tomorrow (well, I always fly with Flybe when I come home as I live near Brest).

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