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Visiting the Past….

September 5, 2010

I had one thing on my agenda this weekend…NOTHING!!  I have had a lot of busy weekends the past few weeks so was looking forward to just relaxing at home and catching up on the housework, washing, blogs etc…but as it was my hubbys weekend off from work he really wanted to go visit an elderly relative of ours in the Midlands – although i had my heart set on not doing much i went with the flow and went on an impromptu visit to the Midlands, getting their Friday evening and returning back to Devon Saturday evening.

I am originally from Birmingham so it gave me a great excuse to have a night at home with my parents, my mom had gone to Nottingham so it was nice see my dad for the night and this little girl..their doggie Cassie – she is a Collie Cross and mental – i love her!


I also caught up with Chicken-lickin and Daisy…


and feathers…


After a lovely night in my old bed at home, we made our way to see Uncle Ernie…he is going to be 95 in November and is amazing – he has fantastic eyesight, hearing and a great sense of humour. He lives in a little village where he and most of my husbands family grew up so we decided to have a tour and let him take us down memory lane.

First stop was the Hartley Arms on the canal, below is uncle Ernie and hubby watching the barges go by on the canal.



The pub was a traditional country pub, there was only one vegetarian option on the menu so i had to go with that, Stilton and Vegetable Bake with new potatoes and salad… it actually turned out to be really nice and tasty. I ate all the crumble and salad and left a few of the potatoes.

After lunch we visited the farmhouse where my father-in-law was born and brought up – it was beautiful and looked exactly the same as when i have seen it in photos in hubbys grans house.


Going through the small villages whilst Ernie told us lots of stories about his past and hubbys grandparents past (they all grew up in this area) we met a few new friends…



We then went on the hunt for hubbys great-grandparents grave – Ernie knew the general area of the small village cemetery and after a short while we found it.

It looks quite neglected but there is no one to look after it anymore…


We paid our respects and then it was time for us to head back down to Devon – Ernie had a lovely day and so did we.

It’s strange that visiting a cemetery can really make you think – you are a long time dead so i really need to enjoy every minute of this life. I have been dreading turning 30 in November but i saw one grave for a lady called BERTHA, she was 29 years old when she died and i thought how sad that i fear turning 1 year older but there are so many people that are not fortunate enough to get to my age.

Anyway, i am getting a little deep so onto last nights food…

On the long drive home we decided to break up the journey by getting a bite to eat, we passed the city where we met at University so decided to nip in there and go to one of our old Indian Restaurants that we used to eat in most weekends! The restaurant is the Spice Cuisine and serves the best curries!!

I had 2 popadoms and my favourite Vegetable Korma, shared egg fried rice and naan – not healthy at all but as we had been down memory lane with Ernie, the hubby and I decided to go down our own memory lane – we are returning to Worcester for our anniversary in October and i can not wait!

Although the weekend did not go as i planned, i really enjoyed my visit to the Midlands!

Later i will post, today’s activities and eats x

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  1. September 5, 2010 4:09 pm

    What a lovely weekend! Yum. I love Indian food as a treat x

  2. September 5, 2010 4:30 pm

    Looks like a great weekend, Cassie looks gorgeous!

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