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Major Projects on the go!!!

February 12, 2011


I have a couple of major projects on the go at the moment, which are taking up ALOT of my time with research etc, hence the lack of blogging! I wish i could share the full details of the projects but i can’t just yet. I can share the details of one of my projects however; getting my house sorted as we are hoping to sell it soon and move into a house with a bigger garden and a drive for both our cars. So over the next couple of weeks i thought i would post before and after pics of each room as we prepare the house for selling (we are giving ourselves a month to get the house sorted!) So i will be starting this from tomorrow hopefully.


A very exciting celeb siteing…

Although i have not been blogging often recently it doesn’t mean i’m not out enjoying life! Last weekend the husband and i went to our favourite eatery in the town we live The Railway Inn. We sat in the bar area to enjoy their stunning homemade pizza and who should be sat on the next table Hugh Fearnly-Wittingstall!!

I think only readers in the UK will know who this is, he is the chef on the River Cottage series…if this place is good enough for a top TV chef then it must have something good going for it!

Right i need to get off the internet and get in front of the stove, i am putting together our Valentines meal…Julia Childs Beouf Bourguignon and her chocolate Brownies too, i spoil my husband…he is worth!

My Julia Childs Recipe post will be coming up very soon x

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